Meet our new barn kittens, Felix and Jasper!

Welcome our new barn kittens, Felix and Jasper! These 5 month old brothers were found as inner city strays, not adoptable as indoor pets due to their feral nature so they will call the Clover Ridge barn their permanent home. Once they get settled in, they can look forward to many happy years of huntingContinue reading “Meet our new barn kittens, Felix and Jasper!”

Welcome to the farm! Lila had her babies

I’ll tell you what’s so beautiful about this video. The babies are nursing on the mama. They are bonding with her and doing exactly what goat kids and nanny goats do in the wild.  This is actually VERY RARE. The life of a typical dairy goat is to produce litter after litter, year after year,Continue reading “Welcome to the farm! Lila had her babies”

Non Profit 501c3 Approval Granted

It sounds funny to say we are just getting started because I have personally been rescuing animals in some form or another for my whole life. I began my philanthropic animal rescue  work approximately 20 years ago and have been committed to saving as many animals as I can, ever since. Over the years, IContinue reading “Non Profit 501c3 Approval Granted”