Occy Pulled Through His Surgery!

We have great news! Oscar had his procedure this week and came through like a fighting champ and is resting comfortably at home (with Eleanor the cat by his side)! He had 4 tooth extractions and sutures in his gums where they had to open up a nasty infection.
I wanted to wait a few days to post the good news because Occy was coughing a lot after coming home and I was a little concerned about collapsed trachea or possible aspiration pneumonia post anesthesia. I think we are safely out of the woods now and it was likely just irritation from the tracheal tube.
Even though his mouth is sore and it took a lot of out of this old timer, I can already tell Occy is feeling so much better now that his mouth is all cleaned up and that nasty infection is gone! We really had no choice but to put him through this. It was either risk him not making it through the procedure or let the infection slowly destroy him. I wasn’t’ about to let that happen.
Oscar’s procedure cost $1,020.56 (with our rescue discount). See invoice and the amazing before and after photos below!
We are still trying to raise funds because Rosie’s dental is happening next. We had to postpone her surgery while she is being treated for Lyme Disease because the antibiotics are upsetting her stomach and I didn’t want to risk her having her vomit before, during, or after the procedure which could cause complications.
Rosie’s dental will cost appx another $1k, so we are still trying raise funds to pay for these desperately needed procedures. Please consider helping out these two formerly abandoned Hurricane Sandy seniors live their best pug lives.
PayPal to: lori@pugsplace.com or you can donate via Occy’s GoFundMe link here: https://www.gofundme.com/oscar-fundraiser
Reminder that we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit and all of your donations are tax deductible.
Thank you for all of your support!

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