I’m happy to announce that Clover Ridge Sanctuary is now live on Patreon!!

Please take a minute to go check out our page

Read our back story, our mission and goals…and learn how you can become a contributing member for as little as $1.00 per month.

No amount is too small! Every dollar TRULY makes a difference.

$1 is a can of cat food
$6 is a bale of hay
$10 is 2 week’s worth of diapers for Oscar
$25 is a month supply of wee wee pads
$40 a month is bedding for the goats
$50 is a month supply of kitty litter
$75 is a month supply of wet dog food or cat food
$100 is the cost of Oscar’s monthly liver kidney and lung support supplements

Our Patrons will receive exclusive content (photos and videos and vodcasts) not available anywhere else and other goodies like Clover Ridge t shirts, holiday cards, commemorative four leaf clovers, and even meet and greets with the animals.
Any amount donated is tax deductible due to Clover Ridge being a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Thanks for your support!!


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