Jada Update


I wanted to wait a couple weeks for Miss Jada to be vetted and settled into her forever home before posting an update and elaborating more on her back story. And also it took me a few weeks to recover from the overwhelming sadness I felt about leaving all the other caged babies behind. Their sad little voices and faces begging to be freed from their lives of confinement will always haunt me. As I shared previously we rescued Jada from a breeder mill. The only reason they let her go is because she can’t have puppies anymore. The others in the cages are either pregnant or waiting to be bred again 😦


You see, poor little Jada suffered a back injury (while pregnant). The story we got is the breeder ‘s dog walker “thinks” she fell down a flight of stairs and ruptured a disc on her spine. The good news is that this breeder DID pay to get her surgery done vs. put her down, but the bad news is little Jada was pregnant while she endured not one but two open back surgeries because the first operation failed.

According to the breeder, the vets said the pregnancy would be aborted due to all the trauma, drugs and anesthesia during her operations but instead she carried her litter full term. One of the puppies was born dead, the other 4 were all born alive but 3 died within a couple of days. The only surviving pup we also tried to get but the breeder wouldn’t give him up because he can be used as a stud dog or be sold for $4,000 😦


Because Jada was kept confined to her crate like all the other poor babies in this breeder mill, her back still hasn’t healed properly, her spine arches and her gait is abnormal and wobbly. She can’t (or won’t) walk up or down stairs so she has to be carried and she isn’t allowed to jump or rough house with any other dogs since this trauma she endured with the back surgeries and pregnancy, etc. is still fairly recent within the past few months.

The vet said now that she is out of the crate and able to move around, combined with some physical therapy her condition should improve. She still gets around though and can run really fast when she wants to! She just looks a little funny doing it! Physically she is sound and not in any pain. Her vetting also confirmed her heart is clear (a major concern for this breed) and she has an otherwise clean bill of health!

Jada has already come a long way emotionally. At first she was afraid to leave her crate at all since that’s all she knew. She will still only eat in her create. She was also hoarding  all the small stuffed toys in the house and nesting them in her bed which broke my heart because I think they reminded her of her puppies ;(

I’m happy to say this sweet girl is now completely bonded with her furever mommy and has put all this trauma behind her. She has been soaking up all the undivided love and attention that she has always craved and is now finally getting. While she is still leery of strangers, and in particular seems very frightened of men for some reason, she certainly remembers me….Whenever I go to visit her she gets so happy and wags her wobbly little booty 100 miles an hour, jumps into my lap, pins me down and stares up at me with her big beautiful eyes! I believe animals always remember their rescuers. This little gal has had a rough start in life but I feel darn good about giving her a second chance.


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