Our Animals

Clover Ridge Farm is home to pugs, cats, and goats (for now!). Our permanent residents include senior pugs, a one-eyed pug. Several rescued barn cats (now happy house cats), and we even have miniature Nigerian Dwarf goats too!

3 pugs

Oscar is a senior pug with epilepsy who was abandoned in Hurricane Sandy with her companion Rosie! Both pugs have been here on the farm since 2012. You can read more about Oscar’s story, here, and here:https://www.luckypuppymag.com/oscar-the-stray-gets-healthy-in-pug-paradise/

Moxie is a one-eyed rescue pug who was found wandering the streets of South Central PA. When found, her eye was badly injured (ultimately needing to be removed), she had a high fever, severe URI, and her body was full of parasites. She still has resource guarding issues we believe because of her time spent as a stray in “survival mode” Moxie has been queen of the farm since 2011.


Mina, Little T, Eleanor, and Cecil are the barn cats we trapped and rescued a couple years back. They were brought to safety mama cat was spayed and released back to her barn and all babies were spayed and neutered and brought UTD on their shots with the help of our local cat rescue, Wells Valley Cat Santuary. All 4 bonded siblings now get to live their lives out together on the farm.


Obi, Lila, Puck, and Littles are miniature goats who came to live on the farm in 2016.



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