Meet our new barn kittens, Felix and Jasper!

Welcome our new barn kittens, Felix and Jasper! These 5 month old brothers were found as inner city strays, not adoptable as indoor pets due to their feral nature so they will call the Clover Ridge barn their permanent home. Once they get settled in, they can look forward to many happy years of hunting on the farm, protecting the goats from rodents and snakes and such. They have already come out of their shells in a short time and are making friends with the goats. So nice they get to live together in the country and become permanent residents of our farm. We love them already ❤


I’m happy to announce that Clover Ridge Sanctuary is now live on Patreon!!

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No amount is too small! Every dollar TRULY makes a difference.

$1 is a can of cat food
$6 is a bale of hay
$10 is 2 week’s worth of diapers for Oscar
$25 is a month supply of wee wee pads
$40 a month is bedding for the goats
$50 is a month supply of kitty litter
$75 is a month supply of wet dog food or cat food
$100 is the cost of Oscar’s monthly liver kidney and lung support supplements

Our Patrons will receive exclusive content (photos and videos and vodcasts) not available anywhere else and other goodies like Clover Ridge t shirts, holiday cards, commemorative four leaf clovers, and even meet and greets with the animals.
Any amount donated is tax deductible due to Clover Ridge being a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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Occy Pulled Through His Surgery!

We have great news! Oscar had his procedure this week and came through like a fighting champ and is resting comfortably at home (with Eleanor the cat by his side)! He had 4 tooth extractions and sutures in his gums where they had to open up a nasty infection.
I wanted to wait a few days to post the good news because Occy was coughing a lot after coming home and I was a little concerned about collapsed trachea or possible aspiration pneumonia post anesthesia. I think we are safely out of the woods now and it was likely just irritation from the tracheal tube.
Even though his mouth is sore and it took a lot of out of this old timer, I can already tell Occy is feeling so much better now that his mouth is all cleaned up and that nasty infection is gone! We really had no choice but to put him through this. It was either risk him not making it through the procedure or let the infection slowly destroy him. I wasn’t’ about to let that happen.
Oscar’s procedure cost $1,020.56 (with our rescue discount). See invoice and the amazing before and after photos below!
We are still trying to raise funds because Rosie’s dental is happening next. We had to postpone her surgery while she is being treated for Lyme Disease because the antibiotics are upsetting her stomach and I didn’t want to risk her having her vomit before, during, or after the procedure which could cause complications.
Rosie’s dental will cost appx another $1k, so we are still trying raise funds to pay for these desperately needed procedures. Please consider helping out these two formerly abandoned Hurricane Sandy seniors live their best pug lives.
PayPal to: or you can donate via Occy’s GoFundMe link here:
Reminder that we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit and all of your donations are tax deductible.
Thank you for all of your support!

Oscar Update 5/22/18

So Oscar did great on his antibiotics! They helped the infection in his mouth (I can tell because his breath smells way better) he’s gained some weight, hasn’t had as many seizures, and his energy levels have improved!

All of this proves our suspicion of a mouth infection causing him to metabolize everything in his body too quickly hence the weight loss and increased seizures.

The scary next step is this means he will have to undergo the dental procedure since antibiotics are only a temporary solution. While I’m terrified to put him under anesthesia because it’s so risky for any pug but especially for him, I know in my heart it’s what he needs and I feel like he’s tough enough to go through it and we have the luck of the Irish with us!

Rosie will be having her dental on the same day. The high end estimate for their dentals are over $2k. Can we help pitch in even a little to help get these senior pugs procedures done? They are both scheduled for 5/29/18.

If you are able to help, we love you and appreciate you no matter how small the donation. If you’re not able to help monetarily  we love and appreciate you for sharing Oscar’s fundraiser too! To help spread the word:


Brachycephalic dog breeds (dogs with short noses and muzzles) have more challenged respiratory systems, are more prone to breathing difficulties. Because of this, there are additional challenges and risk before, during and after any surgical, dental procedure, even under sedation. Occy is at an even more elevated risk because of his seizure disorder. They always happen when he’s in a deep sleep and therefore the thought of him under anesthesia and being intubated terrifies me.

I have recently learned that there are several steps we brachy breed owners can take to minimize these risks and I wanted to share them with you here if it helps prevent even one brachy dog from dying on the table or after a procedure then it’s worth throwing out there.

IV fluids given before and after to keep them well hydrated

Cerenia injection (anti nausea medication) to prevent nausea and vomiting before, during, and after surgery

Prilozec or Tagament to reduce acid reflux

Now that I’m aware of these precautions we can take, I’m going to discuss them with the vet, and we will continue to do everything we can to give this boy (and Roro too) the best possible pug life

Thanks for all your support!

Welcome to the farm! Lila had her babies

I’ll tell you what’s so beautiful about this video. The babies are nursing on the mama. They are bonding with her and doing exactly what goat kids and nanny goats do in the wild. 

This is actually VERY RARE. The life of a typical dairy goat is to produce litter after litter, year after year, sometimes more than one litter in a year, for her whole life so she will “stay in milk”. Each time having her babies stripped away from her immediately after giving birth. Not allowing her to clean, nurse, or bond with them  in any way. And when she becomes too old to produce babies anymore, she will be sent to auction or slaughter.

The lucky does will have adequate food, shelter, and medical care, and maybe some human affection perhaps being kept on a small homestead or as backyard pets, but again this is pretty rare.

Why? Dairy farmers do this so that humans can have all of the mother’s milk and make a profit. This kind of breaks my heart. Imaging after carrying her babies for 5 months, talking to them in her belly (yes, I saw Lila do this!) and then going through all the difficult labor, only to have your precious babies stolen away from you.

The life of boy goats is a far worse fate.. Since boys can’t produce milk and bucks are hard to control and they are smelly, baby bucklings like Lila’s triplets here are less desirable. The lucky bucks with good traits will be passed from farm to farm their whole lives to sire new babies, to get the females pregnant so they can keep producing more milk for humans.

The not so lucky bucks are turned into wethers. Wethers are male goats who are “neutered” so to speak so they can’t breed. A small number of wethers will be lucky enough to be sold as pets, companions, or weed eaters but mostly, farmers will keep wethers until they are big enough to be sold as meat goats.

After witnessing Lila give birth and see how immediately and instinctually she bonded with her babies, adored them, accepted them, became their supreme protector, and now as I observe everyday the parent child relationship between her and her kids evolve, I can’t imagine anything sadder.


Fortunately for Lila and her kids they will always be together and will get to live their lives together on our farm sanctuary. What could be better than that?



Oscar Update 4/30/18

Thank you so much to our supporters who sent donations for Oscar’s fundraiser  / latest trip to the vet so we can get to the bottom of his issues (and Rosie’s too), namely his weight loss and increased seizures.

With the money you generously donated we were able get senior wellness checks for both pugs, blood work, and urine testing done. Poor Occy wasn’t giving up any blood, not even when they tried poking his jugular vein, but they got just enough to check his key organ functions.


Before we even left for the vet visit I captured a urine sample on both pugs and immediately noticed the dark orange color of Oscar’s compared to Rosie’s normal yellow had me very concerned. Dark urine can mean a number of things including liver issues which is something we always fear with Oscar because long-term administration of Phenobarbital (that he takes for his epilepsy) can cause hepatic injury in dogs. So far we have done a great job counteracting this for Oscar with daily milk thistle and dandelion root liver detoxification – but there is always a concern that a point may come when things can progress beyond what holistic measures can continue to prevent.


I want to be 100% transparent to our supporters and share Oscar’s report card from today, our plan for next steps, and the estimate we got for the upcoming treatment plan for both Oscar and Rosie.

The GREAT and honestly surprising news we got from the blood work today is that Occy’s liver and kidney functions are 100% normal. Again, TOTALLY shocked in a good way by this, but another true testament to the wonders that natural herbs and supplements can provide.


Occy report cardSo why is Occy so thin?? The vet and I both have a strong hunch that due to his mouth and teeth issues, there is a bacterial infection that may be a source of increased metabolism in his body. Hence, why he is eating several x a day and not able to put on weight. It could also be the reason why his seizure frequency has increased.

Now because of Oscar’s chronic respiratory issues, and seizure disorder, and the fact that he is a pug – it’s risky for him to go under anesthesia and that’s why we have been putting it off doing a dental on him.

Our first step is to start Occy on an antibiotic (Cindamycin) tonight! And see how he responds. I’m also going to start giving him goats milk and cottage cheese to add weight. This won’t be a problem because we happen to have a pregnant goat on the farm who I’m sure will be happy to donate some of her milk to help her Occy bro out!

The next step, as scary as it is , would be to proceed with the dental. We have the procedure booked for both Oscar and Rosie (whose teeth are even worse!) to undergo dentals at the end of May. This will give us time to see how Occy responds to the antibiotics and hopefully get some weight on him to make him stronger.

It will also give us some time to raise more funds. I’ve attached estimates for both procedures and we’re looking at $2,852 on the high end. I really believe both pugs will be so much healthier afterward and that Occy is strong enough to go through this, but we need your help!

If you can chip in even a little to help make these senior babies well again, please consider a donation. If you can’t donate, please share! Thank you again for supporting Oscar and our mission.


Estimate Occy


Estimate Roro


Jada Update


I wanted to wait a couple weeks for Miss Jada to be vetted and settled into her forever home before posting an update and elaborating more on her back story. And also it took me a few weeks to recover from the overwhelming sadness I felt about leaving all the other caged babies behind. Their sad little voices and faces begging to be freed from their lives of confinement will always haunt me. As I shared previously we rescued Jada from a breeder mill. The only reason they let her go is because she can’t have puppies anymore. The others in the cages are either pregnant or waiting to be bred again 😦


You see, poor little Jada suffered a back injury (while pregnant). The story we got is the breeder ‘s dog walker “thinks” she fell down a flight of stairs and ruptured a disc on her spine. The good news is that this breeder DID pay to get her surgery done vs. put her down, but the bad news is little Jada was pregnant while she endured not one but two open back surgeries because the first operation failed.

According to the breeder, the vets said the pregnancy would be aborted due to all the trauma, drugs and anesthesia during her operations but instead she carried her litter full term. One of the puppies was born dead, the other 4 were all born alive but 3 died within a couple of days. The only surviving pup we also tried to get but the breeder wouldn’t give him up because he can be used as a stud dog or be sold for $4,000 😦


Because Jada was kept confined to her crate like all the other poor babies in this breeder mill, her back still hasn’t healed properly, her spine arches and her gait is abnormal and wobbly. She can’t (or won’t) walk up or down stairs so she has to be carried and she isn’t allowed to jump or rough house with any other dogs since this trauma she endured with the back surgeries and pregnancy, etc. is still fairly recent within the past few months.

The vet said now that she is out of the crate and able to move around, combined with some physical therapy her condition should improve. She still gets around though and can run really fast when she wants to! She just looks a little funny doing it! Physically she is sound and not in any pain. Her vetting also confirmed her heart is clear (a major concern for this breed) and she has an otherwise clean bill of health!

Jada has already come a long way emotionally. At first she was afraid to leave her crate at all since that’s all she knew. She will still only eat in her create. She was also hoarding  all the small stuffed toys in the house and nesting them in her bed which broke my heart because I think they reminded her of her puppies ;(

I’m happy to say this sweet girl is now completely bonded with her furever mommy and has put all this trauma behind her. She has been soaking up all the undivided love and attention that she has always craved and is now finally getting. While she is still leery of strangers, and in particular seems very frightened of men for some reason, she certainly remembers me….Whenever I go to visit her she gets so happy and wags her wobbly little booty 100 miles an hour, jumps into my lap, pins me down and stares up at me with her big beautiful eyes! I believe animals always remember their rescuers. This little gal has had a rough start in life but I feel darn good about giving her a second chance.